1 Year On-Tour: Selling my Car to Bicycle Only [timelapse]

Join me in this timelapse video on my bike commute to work along the scenic North Harbor Drive along the San Diego Bay. This video is sped up to 1/10th of the time the ride actually takes me. You should be able to see exactly why I have no plans of stopping this beautiful bicycle commute anytime soon. Continue reading to hear more about the past year of my bike only lifestyle.

I Told Myself I’d Give it One Year

MASI at the office

At the start of the year in 2013 I had already been bike commuting to work everyday for some months time. I still owned a car, a 1999 Audi A6 Quattro that I loved, but knew it was getting old and with it needing maintenance the easier option was to sell it for new bicycles. That’s exactly what I did and bought a new ‘daily driver’ cyclocross bike as well as a new hard tail mountain bike to feed the passion a little bit. I was fully committed for the whole year.

The Adventure of the Commute

What I learned to love the most in the past year being a bicycle commuter is the adventure of the ride. My other biggest passion is snowboarding which I grew up doing and it’s the same thing there. When you set out you come across so much unknown and your surroundings are always changing. It’s so awesome with work commuting because before the day starts and right after it ends I get to go on a 30 minute adventure and get my  heart pumping. I’ve come across some really cool things on the many miles I’ve covered over the past year.

The Solitude of Riding Alone

Riding is most fun with your buddies. But I find I still enjoy riding alone because of the solitude it provides. I’ll usually rock headphones with Soundcloud or Pandora when riding along which helps to clear my mind a bit more from any trace thoughts that might be trying to throw a stick in my spokes in terms of zoning out. Zoning out while riding a bike on the streets doesn’t sound safe I know but I have a good track record!

Favorite Part of my Good Day

I love my job. But I really love the commute to and from my job on my bike. Other people probably get this same enjoyment if they walk to work. I used to love driving but the stresses of the road make it difficult to really release your thoughts and enjoy your surroundings. I believe people who say they love their car commute to work but there is another level where you can feel the wind on your face and there is no engine running. Some people go the bus or train route which can be a good time to unwind but personally that’s never been preferred mode of transportation.

Why Stop Now? I’m on a Roll!

After officially hitting the one-year mark of bicycle commuting and not owning a car I have no plans of stopping or buying a car yet. True I don’t have a pile of cash to buy a car right now but even if I did I’d keep saving. The real truth is I am addicted. I still very much look forward to hopping onto my bike seat every time I need to go anywhere. Car rides have turned into a novelty. And I’m faster than ever.

Try it Yourself

So many people I’ve talked to have told me they think it’s so cool what I get to do and they wish they could manage it in their lifestyle. I encourage all those people to give it a shot. I had to force myself to dedicate by actually selling my car altogether but you don’t need to do that to try bicycle commuting. Just ride your bike one day and see how it goes. If you’re like me it will be the start of great habit that keeps me very happy and healthy.

By Raleigh

I am really fortunate for my work that allows me a flexible enough schedule to live my life in a way that affords me much happiness.

3 replies on “1 Year On-Tour: Selling my Car to Bicycle Only [timelapse]”

Raleigh – Good Job! I have always found that the time spent during a bicycle commute is ‘My Time’. The time you spend in a car can get hijacked by other things: detour, traffic, costs, and it ultimately is not ‘My Time’.

How is bicycle commuting ‘My Time’? Because I have always enjoyed being on a bike. It’s not that I am riding to work, it’s just that I am riding. I haven’t owned a car since 1997 and while most of that time was in NYC I did spend 2 years in Colorad0, 2 in Los Angeles, and 1 in Phoenix with the Bicycle as my form of transport. I love hearing that it works for you also.

Thanks for the comment. Good way of putting it ‘My Time’. It’s funny because although I love riding with others too often times I kinda hope nobody wants to go with me if I’m riding other places than work so I can get that solitude. It’s how others perceive riding that is off, to non-cyclers they think its purely a harder form transportation a lot of the time.

Since 97? Nice – I’m gonna keep it up but I think the real challenge would be doing it in a city like Seattle where the rain really puts a damper on ya.

I can’t say I’ve done anything this cool for an entire year. Definitely something to be proud of, brotha!

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