Chilly Hilly 2015 Bike Ride Around Bainbridge Island

Had the chance to participate in the 2015 Chilly Hilly bike ride put on by the Cascade Bike Club. We rode from Bellevue to the Seattle ferry docks where we caught the first ferry over to Bainbridge Island where the ride begins.

My Route:

Leaving White Pass Rainier
Chilly Hilly Ferry Lineup

This was leaving White Pass the day before the Chilly Hilly. Rainier was looking big and HD.

Ferry #1 lineup with the fast crew.

Chilly Hilly Ferry Lineup 2

High-viz ferry terminal clogged by roadies.

Bike on Ferry Railing

The biggest ferry in the PNW fleet and it was just about covered with bikes… very few cars.

View from Ferry of Seattle South

Early departure.

Bikes on Ferry 2

It was so chilly once the ferry started moving everyone went upstairs for coffee.

Bikes on Ferry

This was on the way back to Seattle. No shots during the riding because we were hauling ass.

Raleigh Chilly Hilly

They wanted $25 for this photo of me. Who is taking my picture?

Corndog Nachos

Got to go on a bonus kicker bike ride with the extra rad GH Old Town Bicycle dudes which ended with these corndog nachos with absolutely nothing left out. Here is our urban night ride on Strava:

By Raleigh

I am really fortunate for my work that allows me a flexible enough schedule to live my life in a way that affords me much happiness.

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