First Day on the Hill of the 19/20 Winter Season

Early Season Splitboarding

New record! I’m not sure I’ve ever ridden as early as I did this year on October 20th, 2019. Previously, it’s always been more near the first couple weeks of November up on Mt. Rainier, but this year I scored a couple nice splitboarding lines up in the Mt. Baker backcountry extra early season.

Got my winter tires on a little early this year too, perfect because I did see snow on the way up to the heather meadows parking lot at Baker.

On the morning tour I snuck on into the trees to let some other people get ahead and relieve myself… these picnic tables show just how much snow there was!

Looking down into to Bagely Lakes basin.

Selfie to prove I was there.

I ended up taking two laps. The first lap I toured up, transitioned to snowboard mode, and rode a nice little line down. Jumped a few creeks and the snow was a little slow but fun still!

Was deep in the untracked!

By Raleigh

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