Helping Local Shapers Create a Venue for California Surfboard Shapers Online

I want to create a website that is an index of all local surfboard shapers. There is nothing out there yet like I am looking to create. -Stanton Harbaugh

After weeks of deliberation, this is how I was approached by the founder of Local Shapers for approval of his master plan to create a space online for local surfboard shapers. We took this idea to Google’s Keyword Tool to see what kind of organic search volumes came up for related searches. What we found was a huge interest in people looking for local surfboard shapers in their areas. Armed with data to support the cause was established.

Local Shapers

It’s been some months now since the inception of Local Shapers and the website has grown to cover most all the surfboard shapers in San Diego, CA. The blog content production has been top notch with unique content that has been received very well by the surf community.

Although I still actively consult on the new website and brand my two friends Stanton Harbaugh and Logan Brown have ran away with the site and have been making huge strides in the development. It has opened up doors for them to follow their passion of surfing allowing them to meet and interview some of the best local surfboard shapers in the area.

Most recently they completed a website design and build project for Ryan Siegel of Siegel Pooh Surfboards. This project was done out of a passion for helping talented shapers who are somewhat stuck in the “stone-age” when it comes to their presence online. Ryan was featured as the “Shaper of the Month” and out of that came a new opportunity for the shaper and the Local Shapers guys to work together. Most of the time the shapers realize they are hard to find online but just don’t have the means to develop a website on their own. That is when Logan and Stan stepped in to help with establishing Ryan’s board label with a new website.

Stanton and Logan with New Siegel Pooh Surfboards

It makes me feel like a proud dad when I see this photo I took of the two guys behind Local Shapers. They are living the dream and following their passion by putting to use some of the skills I’ve shown them with web design and development. I always want to help people with their passion projects but my time isn’t always available. The way these guys have run away with the initial launch of this new online surfboard shapers directory and the rewards they’ve already received gives me a great feeling for their future.

Best of luck with your pursuit in the future guys. Surely there is plenty more great stuff ahead as you grow the surfboard shaper index for all of California and beyond.

Visit the website and follow Local Shapers.

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