January Camping Visit to the Oregon Coast

It’d been ahwhile, probably a year or two, since I’d been out to the Oregon coast. This time I was headed for Seaside although we camped at Bud’s in Gearhart which neighbors seaside on the beach to the North. Again I was filling the role of staff surf photographer and again I won’t be posting the surfing shots only the lifestyles.

Seaside Sunset Swingset Bikes

After driving 3 hours from Packwood on one of the most scenic drives I’d taken in awhile I landed in Gearhart and we immediately hopped on the bikes to go watch the sunset in Seaside. photo: Nia

Seaside OR Sunset
Pour Over Coffee Camping

In the morning we woke up and boiled some water to make pour-over coffees which really hit the spot.

Selfie Nia

We checked some spots and ended up heading South to Short Sands beach to spend the day.

Short Sands

January and vibe could not be better on the Oregon coast.

Surf Photog

You can see Stan dropping on that wave. Not creeping on the couple below on the beach. photo: Nia

Manzanita Viewpoint

The next day we found our spot a little further South around the point from Short Sands.

Manzanita Beach Jan
Staff Surf Photog & Nugan

Nugan kept trying to blow the shot with his tennis ball.  photo: Nia

Nugan Ball Tsunami Debris Gas Can

Gas can from Japan tsunami we hauled out. Nugan is hilarious how he follows the chuck it on the backpack.

Manzanita Pano

By Raleigh

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