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I’d been trying to make it out to this trail for a bit before I finally put my bike on top of the car and headed out. I was so fortunate because it had been raining for days so snowboarding wasn’t really very appetizing but this day it totally cleared up and make for a really epic solo exploration discovery ride.

Mt. Rainier on drive to Trail

This Mt. Rainier wilderness shot was taken out my car window on the 5 mile drive up a winding mountain side road to the trail.

Esate Carries My Stuff - Trailhead

Arrived at the trailhead and realized I didn’t have a Forest Pass but there was NOBODY anywhere so I decided to poach it and sneak in a ride hoping the park ranger wouldn’t show up to issue me a lecture about forest safety and a citation.

Mt. Rainier from Packwood Trail

These two shots are at the start of the trail I had to squeeze the brakes on my bike and use my iPhone to barely capture the view.

Mt. Rainier from Packwood Trail 2
trail end lake island mountains

After 4.1 miles of easy but amazing terrain I pulled up right here and was greeted by this.

Lake Shore Landscape with Bike
Solitude achieved at the lake
Money Shot Lake Reflection

You can see the lake was partially frozen in the back right of this photo to the right of the island in the middle.

walking trail around lake no bikes

Bridge leads to a walking trail around the lake and other neighboring lakes and camping spots.

Old Ranger Station at Lake

Old Forest Service cabin.

Pano Lake Mountain Wilderness

What would an all iPhone photo post be without a panoramic shot. I didn’t spend as much time at the lake as I wanted because I had to make it back before the park ranger showed up and found my car without a pass which was successful. I can’t wait to return here it won’t be long.

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