Learning to Fish with a Fly

Here is a little story about how I picked up fishing with a fly. Plus, some photos of just a few of the little fish I’ve caught so far.

At the end of last ski season I shattered my right shoulder, exploded outer tuberosity of the humerus bone where the muscle attaches.

I picked up salmon fishing, regular casting spinner rod, about 4-5 months later as part of a ton of physical therapy.

It wasn’t until I discovered a ton of fish jumping at Leach Lake while camping at White Pass Campground, which is a fly fishing only lake, that I knew I needed to start fly fishing.

The only other person at the small 8 site campground, was Bob, a fly fisherman from Yakima who was moving out west. Bob was super cool and we shared animal stories over his fire pretty late into the night.

I went back to the lake the following weekend, and Bob showed up again randomly too. This time I was prepared a casting bubble so I could throw a fly, which is a really cool way to fly fish if you don’t have a fly rod.

I got a few strikes, and Bob and I did some late night casting during an epic lightning storm over White Pass…

Anyway, lots more to that fishing story but here are some of the fish I’ve caught over the end of summer.

By Raleigh

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