My Video Interview About Freelancing for Codeable

Below is a 25-minute video interview of me talking about what it’s like to be one of the hand-selected freelance WordPress developers at Codeable. I no longer have the massive beard but everything I mention in the video is very relevant to my audience so I wanted to share this here on my blog as well.

If you’d like to instead read the interview the full transcription is here:

Please watch the video below, or simply listen as there are no visuals, and let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts or questions for me at all.

By Raleigh

I am really fortunate for my work that allows me a flexible enough schedule to live my life in a way that affords me much happiness.

2 replies on “My Video Interview About Freelancing for Codeable”

Thanks for asking/listening/producing Matteo.

My hope is that I’ve opened the eyes of the best freelance WordPress developers out there that Codeable is the best marketplace for getting new work.

Yes, the beard is gone I zipped it up in my jacket zipper too many times it had to go bye bye. -Raleigh

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