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Office Dogs: How Could You Not Love Them?

I don’t own a dog currently but I am a dog lover. Some people are not dog lovers and instead hate or are maybe afraid of the unleashed beasts. Unfortunately, my commercial office lease states we are not allowed to have dogs in the building because of that and other reasons. Sometimes though, we still get visits from man’s best friend and it really adds to the work environment at our agency if they manage to sneak in the back door unseen and unheard.

Dogs of PageLadder

Meet: Stella

Stella Sunbathing

Stella belongs to my business partner Robb. When she is not getting to sunbath at the office she is at home playing with her other golden retriever friend Carly, Robb’s other dog who is a little older.

Best office moment: She chases her tail in circles in the middle of the office because she just gets a little bored and needs to self-entertain sometimes.

Meet: Nugen (Fahrvergn├╝gen)

Nugen at Office
Nugen Patrolling Office

Nugen belongs to my good friend Stan. He was found as a puppy in a Volkswagen junkyard and has grown up to be the nicest medium sized dog, who loves to play guard dog.

Best office moment: ‘Bred to growl’ as his owner jokes he was reported to the management for ‘barking’ and we got the e-mail from property manager requesting us to ask him to leave.

Meet: Micah

Micah Office Dog
Micah at the old upstairs office watching Logan work.

Micah belongs to my good friend Logan who spent some solid time contracting in the PageLadder offices. This photo does not do her justice as she is a beautiful Aussie Shepard Border Collie mix who is very sweet.

Best office moment: Micah suffers from extreme separation anxiety which has its implications. Logan would setup Skype on his home and office computer so he could watch/keep her company while he was at the office if she couldn’t come.

Meet: Pickles

Pickles at PageLadder
Lots of important work on my desk today.

Pickles belongs to my good friend Dan who contracted at PageLadder for a bit and I saved him for last for good reasoning. Let’s just say he has grown up to be quite the little monster now but he is pretty damn adorable in this photo.

Bets office moment: Pickles is a ladies man and during his time in the office he melted many hearts of neighboring office workers and Beer Co.(the brewery downstairs) waitresses.

For good measure I thought I would include acouple more photos of puppy Pickles to melt a few more hearts:

That’s it, that’s all! Hope you got your dosage of dog for the day. And remember: if your office lease states ‘NO ANIMALS’ just find a way to sneak them in and out and keep your door locked when they are there. ┬áIt’s not breaking the rules unless you get caught. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

By Raleigh

I am really fortunate for my work that allows me a flexible enough schedule to live my life in a way that affords me much happiness.

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