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Office Skate Memorabilia Collection Inspired by Tony Hawk & Bones Brigade

Raleigh PageLadder Office Bones Brigade CollectionWhen wondering how to decorate your office it doesn’t always have to be a artsy fartsy task. I choose instead to surround myself with inspiration that reminds me why I do what I do. So much of the work I do is innovation since the online marketing world is such a rapidly changing beast. The PageLadder office houses a nice collection of Bones Brigade memorabilia on it’s walls.

The Bones Brigade were the innovators of modern day skateboarding. Tricks like the ollie and mctwist set the stage for skateboarding and all action sports at the time and for years to come. With my business we are constantly innovating new tactics and operations to stay on the forefront of what marketing will look like in years ahead. In business you have to be inspired constantly from those business leaders in the past who solved some of the challenges of business long ago that laid the foundation for businesses like mine today.

Tony Hawk’s office is filled with framed skateboards and memorabilia while overlooking his skate warehouse with full-size halfpipe. This photo from his instagram illustrates his setup pretty well. .

When I stumbled across that photo I was inspired to write this post about the skate collection that lives in my office at PageLadder. If you know me you know I’m big into the orgins or skateboard culture and most notably the Bones Brigade. During a recent release of their new autobiography directed by Stacy Peralta they generated interest for the film by offering up memorabilia from what they called ‘from the vault’ which I pounced on like a tiger.

See my collection below:
Framed Bones Brigade Memorabilia

Uber Rodney Mullen Skate Deck

VC Johnson Hones Brigade Poster

These collectible are all very cool to own and I plan to hang onto them all for a long time. There are still some empty walls in my office which I’ve yet to decorate. As of now I’m satisfied with the current collection and might choose photography for the other walls but we’ll see. Your office should be a place you walk into and feel inspired to create. I very much get that feeling in my office but there is still room to improve.


By Raleigh

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