Secret Destination Lake Not Far Off the Path

As with many of my photos, I am not always going to give up the location so easy. I’ve taken a few trips to this lake now though and I’ll be back again. Here are some shots I snapped while exploring.

Off road estate looking for the lake

Friends and I trying to find this lake we’ve heard about. We crossed these puddles in the estate and many bigger before turning around and finding the easy road to the lake.

Short Pathway to Lake

Walking in the trail on our initial discovery.

Pathway around the lake

The path around the lake is really lush and has many trees cut down by beavers.

Tyler walking out on lake log
Lake landscape perspective shot
Ricky stepping over creek

Taking a stroll around the backside of the lake to the beaver dam.

Looking long ways down the lake
Jimi testing the frozen waters

On a second trip we brought Jimi and the lake was partially frozen with a little snow.

Another landscape shot with a little snow this time

Next time I’ll try and score a shot of a beaver but they are illusive although I’ve found where they live.

By Raleigh

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