Snowboard Binding Highback Beer Holder

When I grow up, I want to be known as the guy who invented the best way to carry a beer on your snowboard. I recently resigned from my job of almost 6 years so I’ve had plenty of time to, well, snowboard, drink beer & product design.

The Problem

I’ve been doing a lot of resort riding, as well as backcountry this season and I’m always looking for a way to carry more beer, without having bulky pockets or adding extra potentially explosive weight to my backpack if I carry one.

The Concept

The idea for the snowboard binding highback mounted beer carry was born out of looking for a way to mount a beer to a ski pole, but when searching online I found nobody had created such a product yet. Being a snowboarder, not a skier, I selfishly decided I would start prototyping for a snowboarding solution first, and get to the skier solution later. It wasn’t long after that the first design came to life… Beer Koozie + Voile strap = solution.

And the vision was alive. But it wasn’t refined enough so me and the dog took some trips to the hardware store to find some different materials.

The Minimum Viable Product

The velcro strap was a better solution, and the minimum viable product was born. Now it was time for some testing… and I happened to be going into the backcountry so I took it out for a spin….

Product Testing

Success! The beer made it to the top of the mountain where it was still cold and I enjoyed it fully. No, it wasn’t too shaken up, or at least no more than it normally is in a backpack or pocket – just open slow. A friend visiting from Colorado took the above video of the inaugural test, as he had never seen anything like it.

Product Feedback & Refinement

Testing continued, only with resort riding, where the product would take a little more punishment riding much harder.

While riding the resort the positive feedback was hard to avoid. EVERYONE noticed… lifties, kids, old guys – everyone was calling me out.

That’s a cool way to carry a beer!

Where did you get that?

Can I buy one?

Mom, look!

The good thing about the resort is that people love to notice cool gear. And one thing was clear, lifties LOVE the product, it’s hard to load a chair without them noticing and saying something.

Nothing fuels investment in product improvement more than positive feedback and getting proof of concept. I’ve received almost zero negative feedback from haters. Some might suggest the added weight hurts snowboarding performance but you can’t even tell the beer is strapped on back there, method air, after method air.

After more testing, it became clear that the single strap design was not stable enough to stand up to the abuse of riding hard. A few dented cans told me this. I created a 3 strap model, which proved to be overkill and finally landed on the 2 strap model pictured below:

Snowboard Binding Beer Holder Koozie
Snowboard Binding Beer holder

Additional related products are already in the works… the product research and design have not called it quits as this concept deserves further exploration. Looking ahead, we have solutions for skiers as well as thicker koozie models, sizes for different can types, water bottles (ski touring) and kits to make your own using your favorite koozie.

Don’t get me wrong, I still carry beer in my jacket or backpack too, but having the extra on my board has already come in handy a few times this spring season when I’m still thirsty. And the one on the board is always coldest still, which matters! And it sure is nice having less crap in my pockets.

Looking to buy?

They make a great gift as well for that beer loving snowboarder in your life!

More cheers more beers, that’s it that’s all!

By Raleigh

I am really fortunate for my work that allows me a flexible enough schedule to live my life in a way that affords me much happiness.

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