Washington Surf Trip without the Surfing Photos

Wanted to share a few other photos from a surf trip as I was grateful to jump in the car at the last minute as staff photographer. Mostly surf checks no actual surfing photos haha.

Early Morning First Stop Check

Tide high early first check.

Looking further down the point

This is on Indian grounds and we passed one fellow on the beach who wasn’t exactly stoked on us.

Checking the spot - again

More surf checking.

Met some cool locals and surfed here
Stoked and satisfied after sesh

Post sesh hike out.

Surfing in the Jungle

Surfing in the jungle.

Stan on one

Alright if you made it scrolling this far down you’ve earned at least one surfing shot. While I was shooting on this beach I met another local looking fellow who appeared to be living down on the beach… He didn’t seem to mind me and said hello before he paddled out.

Oh yeah and when I say ‘staff’ photographer that means a few things but I was paid for the photos… mostly with tall boys.

By Raleigh

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