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The Act of Getting Up Again with the Inspirational Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen TED Talk
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The skateboarder who invented the flatland ollie. If you are not a fan of him you have probably never heard him speak. His latest 18 minute TED Talk On Getting Up Again is a great place to start listening to what he has to say. As Rodney says, “he was faced with that challenge that made him better” which seems to be a theme of this talk.

We are sophisticated puppets.

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You’re done.

When being told “You’re done.” gives you the mindset of “It’s on!” then the outlook becomes optimistic. At the age of 26 I’ve already had a couple pretty major knee reconstructions on my left knee and I find it amazing how Rodney is able to convert setbacks like that into motivation. Certainly I’ve experienced the same situation with business in running a start-up company. If you can see through any bad and have a clear picture of what you want to outlook to be sometimes you can alter or better control where you end up. Just because you are told it has to be one way if know where you want to end up you can get there.

Precipitate that vision into something tangible… Vision that gets baked into you through the process. -Rodney Mullen

You’re not going to get very far with this program unless you are in touch with your instincts. -Danny Way

They say that sometimes when you break a bone it heals stronger than before. I’ve seen this to be true in x-rays of my own arms so I believe that to be physically possible. What Danny and Rodney are getting at above is more of a mental state of mind that drives you to come back stronger not only physically but mentally as well. True inspirations for anyone who has committed to the act of getting up again.

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